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How do I begin a divorce?


My spouse committed adultery and i want to divorce him. i have a 6 month old child he has not seen since he was born due to living 4 hrs away. He hasnt helped me financially with him what so ever. he says he wants custody of him but i have a domestic charge against him and dont trust him with my child. also, he has my car that is in both our names which i have been paying for since we financed it– he says he will wreck it before giving it to me. I want to start my divorce process as soon as possible just dont know where or how to start.

Joseph Gufford Family Law Lawyer Stuart, Florida

The adultery issue is probably not a significant issue for the court as Florida is a “no fault divorce” state. There are some limited circumstances in which it might be applicable. The more significant issue is the domestic violence. That is a significant factor that needs to be addressed. You need an experienced family law attorney to assist you with navigating your way through this process.

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