Can I move out of State with my child?

Question: Can I move out of state if I have a child and have been separated from his father 3 years but are still legally married? We have a child support order already but no custody agreement. My sons lives with me full time

Joseph Gufford Child Custody Attorney Stuart

The short answer to the question is Yes. You can go with your child wherever you want to so long as there is no court order in place that prevents you from doing so. The real answer is that if you did leave the state with the child, you could be placing yourself in a difficult legal situation as Florida would be the home state of the child until such time as you had lived outside the state with the child for 6 months. The relocation statute could come into play. 61.13001. Thus, while you probably can leave, it might not be best to do so without getting things in place properly before you go.

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